Mounting the Remote Display


Welcome. This video will demonstrate how to remove the digital display from your FUSION controller, and mount it on an electrical enclosure.

A removable display is included with our digital power controllers, and a remote display kit is available as an option. This allows you to conveniently read and adjust parameters from outside the electrical enclosure, without any amp meters, switches, or additional wiring. When properly installed, the remote display has an IP65 rating.

To remove your controller display, remove the four screws from your controller front cover, and take off the lid.

Then disconnect the display cable found here.

Remove the display using these four tabs. Now let's turn to the contents of the remote mounting kit.

The kit includes the following:

  • One back display cover
  • One square gasket
  • One 5- or 25-food shielded display cable
  • A blank display panel
  • A small ferrite
  • Four mounting screws

You will also need the display panel from the controller.

While you're using the remote display, you can insert the blank display panel into the controller lid and reattach it.

Unclasp the ferrite with a screwdriver and attach it to the display cable as shown.

Also, place the gasket on the back of the display. 

You will need to cut a quarter-din knockout in the electrical panel. Insert the display into the panel and plug in the display cable. The ferrite will fit inside the back display cover which fits over the top. 

Use the four mounting screws to secure and tighten the panel. Be sure to use equal pressure and tighten slowly until the gasket is compressed 50% on all sides. You must be careful not to over-tighten; here we've attached a second gasket to the panel for comparison.

Now connect the display cable to the remote display connector on the side of the controller and connect power. You can now use the remote display to monitor and operate the controller from outside the enclosure.

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