Three Phase DC

3 Phase, Phase Angle: 

In phase-angle control, each SCR of the back-to-back pair is turned on for a variable portion of the half-cycle that it conducts. Power is regulated by advancing or delaying the point at which the SCR is turned on within each half cycle. Light dimmers are an example of Phase-Angle control.

Model Phases Firing Mode Output Current Low Current High Highlights
FUSION Three Phase (DC) Power Controller Three phase Phase angle DC 60 1 400

24 - 600 Vac. A microprocessor-based DC SCR controller operating both analog and digital interfaces. A phase angle-fired controller which linearly controls, with respect to the setpoint, the DC voltage, current, or true power applied to an electrical load. Control is achieved by means of a six SCR bridge with freewheeling diode.

3869 Three Phase DC Power Controller Three phase Phase angle DC 300 400

120 - 480 Vac. DC SCR Controller. Accepts most commands. High current, three phase DC output.