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Introduction to MicroFUSION, an analog or digital SCR/Thyristor power controller.



MicroFUSION is a family of high performance SCR power controllers with a digital or analog interface and an ultra small footprint that can meet all your power control needs.

The controllers feature a RoHS Compliant touch safe design and include certifications for UL, CUL, and CE and most importantly a 100 kA short circuit current rating.

MicroFUSION has global applications by accepting line voltages from 24 to 690 volts AC and line frequencies of 45 to 65 Hz without having to specify separate part numbers.

Engineers appreciate the flexibility of MicroFUSION because it can accept either a field scalable analog control signal of 4-20 mAmp or 0-10 volts or a digital interface to the plc such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Modbus TCP, Profinet, or Profibus.

All of our controllers are flat rated for full frame current at 50 degrees C and 6000 feet. No derating is necessary.

Our single phase power controllers range from 8 to 400 amps.

Our three phase power controllers also range from 16 to 400 amps.

Our Connect X Module allows you to reduce digital interface costs by connecting up to 10 controllers to a single connect module through the fieldbus interface such as EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus or Profinet.

And with the digital interface you can monitor line voltage, load voltage, load current, load power, power factor, your kilowatt hours, your heatsink temperature, and all of your alarms.

Lastly, Connect X features an on-board data logger with real time clock and 2 GB storage capacity to automatically log controller data at intervals from .1 seconds to 1 minute.

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