Alert: Windows Compatibility Service Bulletin


SUBJECT: Automatic Update of Microsoft Windows of USB FTDI Driver Update 8/26/2014 Ver


  • All versions of FUSION Control Panel Software used to connect with FUSION, Compact FUSION, 3030, and OEM power controllers.

  • All versions of microFUSION Control Panel Software used to connect with microFUSION power controllers.

  • All versions of Connect Control Panel software used to connect with the Connect Gateway.

All versions of Microsoft Windows including: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1


FTDI, the USB chip manufacturer used on the models affected, released a new driver on September 29th, 2014 within the Microsoft Windows Automatic Update. Unlike past updates, this driver is not backwards compatible with the previous drivers used in the Control Panel Software.


When attempting to connect to one of the affected models via USB, an error will present itself with the following message: “Error unable to open the connection. The connection may have been recently disconnected or taken by another program”. 


Control Concepts has actively worked to resolve the issue with FTDI. While not taking the FTDI driver update is an option, we recommend downloading the latest Control Panel software which mitigates the problem. If you have already taken the driver update you can either roll back your driver or contact us and download the latest Control Panel.