Single phase
Firing mode: 
Phase angle

The 1029B has been superseded by the 1029D and is available as a Custom OEM model only. Contact the factory for more information.

The model 1029C is a single phase, phase-angle SCR power controller. The controller linearly controls, with respect to a command signal, either the RMS value of the load voltage, the average value of the load voltage, the RMS load current or load power. The controller can be configured to accept all standard industrial command signals as well as many non-standard commands.


The model 1029C is available with current ratings from 50 to 750 amperes, and nominal voltage ratings from 120 to 575 Vac. The controller will operate without adjustment or modification on 50 or 60 Hertz.


1000 and 2000 amp units, although not UL listed, are available, consult factory.