Analog Input Scaling

A step-by-step tutorial covering analog input scaling for FUSION Controllers from Control Concepts, Inc.



Welcome. This video will demonstrate how to adjust analog input scaling through your FUSION or Compact FUSION controller.

Each controller uses two analog setpoints and both can be configured for either current or voltage. Current can be adjusted for 0 - 20 mA, and Voltage for 0 - 10 VDC. Our default factory settings have Setpoint 1 configured for 4-20 mA and Setpoint 2 configured for 0 - 5 VDC.

With SCR controllers you encounter a lot of different requirements. So our goal is to show you how to adjust analog input scaling so you can adapt it to whatever you need. 

Before we begin, you will need to install the FUSION Control Panel software, which is provided free with your controller. Connect power to your controller, and connect to your computer using a USB cable. Open the FUSION Control Panel Program.

Now let's look at three typical scenarios:

First, we will change the input from voltage to current. Select the "Connect" button on the lefthand side of your screen to access the controller. Next choose the "System" tab. You should see analog setpoints on the bottom third of your screen. First we'll change "Voltage" to "Current," as you see here. For our demonstration, we're going to use 4-20 mA as our input command signal, so enter "4" as the OFF-state signal, and "20" as the full-ON signal. We are now configured for 4-20 mA input.

Now let's switch from current to voltage settings.

For this demonstration, we will be using 0-10 VDC command signal. Select "Voltage" and use "0" and "10 as the OFF and full-ON voltage values. We'll repeat it in the second setpoint. The controller is now configured for a 0-10 V command signal.

Finally, we will correct for span and offset on analog command signals.

Nominally, our PLC should output 0-5 V for command signal, but in reality it's only running at 0.01 in OFF state, and 4.91 in full-On state. We can see the effect in the upper-left corner. With full-ON power, we are only getting 98%. So to correct for these signaling errors, we need to adjust scaling.

Let's enter 0.01 as the OFF state value, and 4.91 as the full ON value. And that's it! In just a few straightforward steps, the controller is adjusted in real-time to your new settings. 

Now that you've made changes, you might want these new settings to save a config file for future reference and use.

For more detailed instructions, visit our website at and download the FUSION Control Panel manual, or contact the experts at Control Concepts Incorporated.