Basic Setup Part 2


Next we'll view and configure our full scale settings. There are two ways to do so: using the controller display, or the FUSION Control Panel software. First let's go over the default settings; it will be easier to view them using the Control Panel, and then we will make changes using both methods.

To access the control panel, you must first install the software provided free with your controller. Then, connect to the controller using a USB cable and open the program. Click the "Connect" button on the lefthand side of the screen.

Select the "Zone 1" tab. You will find your Feedback type listed here; by default it will be set to RMS Voltage. You can choose another Feedback type using this drop-down list.

Next, we will look at full scale settings. The default line voltage will be 480 volts, which is what the controller is at. Fullscale current will depend on the frame current size of your controller. And we can automatically calculate power and limits by clicking this button.

Limits are calculated based on your fullscale settings. Voltage limit, by default, is set to 630 volts, the limit of the controller. Current limit is 1.05 times fullscale current. And current trip will be 1.75 times full scale current in phase angle mode, and 4 times full scale current in zero cross mode. Power limit is 1.05 times full scale power.

You can change these settings using their respective fields on the control panel. So for example, let's say we're using 415 V for our line voltage, and we have a silicon carbide load, which is a variable resistance load. In that case, current will fluctuate based on temperature and aging, and we will want to maintain steady power, so let's use power as our feedback type.

When we change our full scale settings, our first question should be, "What is the nominal line voltage?" In this case, we have 415 volts, so we'll enter that for our full scale voltage.

Next we want to consider what is full load amps when we're at lowest voltage - at 5 or 10 % voltage sag. We'll enter 60 amps. Next we click this button to calculate power and limits.

Once you've entered new values, click the "reset button" to be sure everything is applied, and then click "Connect." Afterward you will want to save a Config File so you can return to these settings.

To change these settings using the controller display, use the up/down arrow keys to scroll until you find the settings you're looking for. If there is a dot next to the setting, you can edit the value; press the green check mark button and it will change to a small arrow. Then use the plus/minus buttons until you reach the desired setting or value. Press the green button again to save the change.

So again, we choose power as our feedback type; 415 V - our nominal line voltage - for full scale voltage; and 60 Amps for full scale current. Using the formulas we covered earlier, calculate power and limits and enter them respectively.