Firmware Upgrade


Welcome. In this video we will cover firmware upgrades for FUSION and Compact FUSION SCR power controllers.

Control Concepts releases firmware upgrades either to enhance features on the controller, or to correct firmware errors. If there is a critical firmware flaw, we will make our best efforts to contact our original customers so they can update the firmware on their controller.

Customers may also contact Control Concepts to suggest firmware enhancements. These suggestions are reviewed and prioritized by the factory, and not all suggestions can be implemented.  Furthermore, some enhancements will only be available on new controllers, although we make our best efforts to make firmware backward- compatible, .

Only upgrade firmware on a controller when directed by Control Concepts.  Ignoring this warning may leave your controller in an unusable state. If the factory directs you to upgrade firmware, we will send you a link to download the correct .hex file. You can then access and upload the file using the FUSION Control Panel software provided free with your controller.

To download a new firmware file, first connect to your powered controller with a USB cable and open the Control Panel program. Click the "connect" button on the lefthand side of your scren.

Take note of your Software ID and Version number: in this case the software ID is 22, we're using Firmware Version 3.61, and we need to upgrade to Version 3.70.

First, save a config file to ensure that you can return to your previous settings. Then click the firmware button. Navigate to the hex file provided by the factory and confirm that the number matches your Software ID and the new firmware version number -  in our case 22 and 3.70. You will not be able to select a file with a Software ID that doesn't match. If you receive an error message like this one, contact the factory for a compatible firmware file.

Once you've selected the right file, click "open" and a green bar will appear here, indicating that the file is loading. The Controller Display will also change to this screen.

It is extremely important that you do not disconnect power from your computer or controller at this step. The progress bar may not reflect the realtime progress of the firmware upgrade, so don't be concerned or disconnect power in an attempt to restart. Simply wait for the display to change to this screen, indicating the firmware upgrade is complete.

If there is a problem with the upgrade, the controller will automatically recover itself, but if power is disconnected, the controller will reboot to a blank screen. In this event, contact the factory for assistance.

After a firmware upgrade, verify your controller settings have persisted, as settings may have changed during the upgrade.  If so, re-load your settings from the previously saved config file.

For more information, visit our website at, or contact the experts at Control Concepts Incorporated.