Control Panel Release Notes

Date 9/20/2023

2.9.6             Control Panel

12.6.4          Device Definition Database

  • Added support for MicroFusion, MicroFusion-Semi , 3010 Controller, MDX Analog, MDX EtherCAT, Atom Digital Ethernet
  • Updated to latest FTDI driver files and Fixed bugs

Date 6/12/2023

2.9.5             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Fixed bug

Date 6/7/2023

2.9.4             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Install WinUSB driver
  • Enhanced Control Panel

Date 3/30/2023             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add 3010 Controller to Control Panel
  • Add support for Atom Analog and Digital

Date 1/17/2023          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MicroFusion
  • Add support for Fusion

Date 1/10/2023             Control Panel

  • Fix USB connection (FTDI driver) issues

Date 12/13/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for Atom VI Digital 
  • Add support for MicroFusion-SEMI

Date 10/25/2022          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for Atom VI Digital Ethernet Single Phase

Date 9/8/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Fix bug

Date 8/18/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Fix bug

Date 8/17/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MicroFusion EtherCat and Atom VI

Date 6/7/2022         Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX

Date 5/17/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for Atom VI

Date 4/26/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for microFusion 
  • Add support for MDX
  • Add support for Atom VI

Date 4/5/2022             Control Panel          Device Definition Database

  • Add support for microFusion EtherCat

Date 1/27/2022             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for microFusion Ulta and IONPURE Power Panel
  • Update MFG Unlock 

Date 11/16/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX, and Connect Module 

Date 8/26/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX, microFusion, Connect Module and Atom VI Analog Single Phase             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Fix bug

Date 8/5/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Fix bug
  • Add support for MicroFusion EtherCat v0.00.33
  • Add support for Atom Vl Analog Single Phase

Date 5/25/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Fix bug
  • Add support for MicroFusion EtherCat

Date 5/3/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Fix Firmware error

Date 4/28/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MicroFusion EtherCat
  • update IP address input

Date 3/19/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Enhance functionality of Compare & Sync Devices
  • update IP address input
  • Fix issue of AC Line status display and some other bugs

Date 2/25/2021             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX v1.70.42 and MicroFusion v4.50.41 & v4.60.21

  • Update View Config File to View/Edit Config File


Date 2/16/2021

2.9.3             Control Panel           Device Definition Database

  • Update MDX v1.70.31


Date 2/12/2021

2.9.3             Control Panel

12.6.3           Device Definition Database

  • Update MDX v1.70.30


Date 12/16/2020

2.9.2             Control Panel

12.5.1           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for DC3 v2.70.00


Date 12/09/2020

2.9.2             Control Panel

12.5.0           Device Definition Database

  • Add new MDX Parameters

  • Add support for communication timers on Fusion and uFusion

Date 07/28/2020

 2.9.2             Control Panel

12.4.1           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for ID 60, 132, 162

  • Add support for flashing .bl2 files

Date 01/08/2020

2.9.1             Control Panel

12.4.0           Device Definition Database

  • Fix Model Number display for the Connect

Date 11/11/2019

2.9.0             Control Panel

12.4.0           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX v1.50.30

  • Add support for microFUSION DC.

  • Fix SSL/TLS Security issue.

  • Add support for different number formats.

2.8.10             Control Panel

12.3.13           Device Definition Database

  • Fix Flashing Firmware file dialog window to filter better on the Firmware ID.

  • Show SP-46 Load Resistance at Zero Output for more Firmware IDs.

2.8.9             Control Panel

12.3.12           Device Definition Database

  • Show HiPER Threshold for more Firmware IDs.

2.8.9             Control Panel

12.3.11           Device Definition Database

  • Disable the Clear Fault State button when the device cannot be cleared.

2.8.9             Control Panel

12.3.10           Device Definition Database

  • Add troubleshooting hint for bad USB cables.

2.8.8             Control Panel

12.3.10           Device Definition Database

  • Fix Meter Output Type to display Current Output for select devices.

2.8.8             Control Panel

12.3.9           Device Definition Database

  • Fix several parameters for MDX.

2.8.8             Control Panel

12.3.8           Device Definition Database

  • Allow for 1 decimal place for Load Resistance on the MDX.

2.8.8             Control Panel

12.3.6           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for MDX.

2.8.7             Control Panel

12.3.5           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for Transducer 2018.

2.8.6             Control Panel

  • UI Update for viewing Configuration Files.

  • View Sync Log supports milliseconds.

2.8.4             Control Panel

  • Display available data when only one block of data is available on the Connect Module.

  • Buttons on the Scope Window are now clickable.

2.8.3             Control Panel

12.3.3           Device Definition Database

  • Add additional device properties to the top of the application.

  • Allow application to work on FIPS enabled computers.

2.8.2             Control Panel

12.3.2           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for loading newer config files to older devices.

  • Remove extra zone parameters when device is signle zone.

2.8.1             Control Panel

12.3.1           Device Definition Database

  • Proper display for Feedback unit of measure.

  • New feature to save fieldbus parameters when loading a config file.

  • Reworked UI for Sync Data log for Gateway.

2.8.0             Control Panel

12.3.0           Device Definition Database

  • Added more options to quick setup.

  • Removed depecrated Connect Module features.

  • Fix 'Search Parameter' field.

  • Error dialog can now be closed.

2.7.12             Control Panel

12.2.21           Device Definition Database

  • Add additonal codes for Fault History

2.7.11             Control Panel

12.2.20           Device Definition Database

  • Add additional codes for Async data from the Gateway

  • Add additional parameters for the Gateway

  • Support for microFusion IDs 133 and 136

  • Add feature to manually connect to an IP Address through Modbus TCP

2.7.10             Control Panel

12.2.19           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for new Transducer Card

  • Added two parameters to microFusion Id 50,52,53

2.7.9               Control Panel

12.2.18           Device Definition Database

  • Add support for new DeviceNet microFusion and Gateway products            Control Panel

  • Fix issue where Flash Firmware would throw an unrelated error.

2.7.8               Control Panel

12.2.17           Device Definition Database

  • New keypad setpoints "Engineering Unit" and "Nonvolatile" for microFUSION (50,51,52) version 4.10.30 and greater

  • Add functionality to set default display for compactFusion

2.7.7               Control Panel

  • Fix Compare and Sync for connect module

  • Temporarily disable Config file functions for connect module

2.7.6               Control Panel

  • Add support for microFusion DC ID 53

2.7.5               Control Panel

  • Add Subnet Mask and Gateway IP parameters for microFusion ID 51 with firmware 4.00.11 and greater

2.7.4               Control Panel

  • Add warning when changing Feedback Source value from "Internal Feedback Source" to another value.

  • Rearrange display order for parameters listed in CCI Link

  • Setpoint selected value now matches actual selection

  • Add "Load Fault Targer Resistance" for microFusion ID 50 and 52 with firmware 3.90.18 and greater

  • Database incremented to 12.02.12

12.02.06         Device Definition Database

  • Add additional parameters for Partial Load Fault starting with firmware 3.90.14

12.02.05         Device Definition Database

  • Add Over-current Retry Delay Time parameter to all microFUSION with firmware version 3.90.50 and greater

  •  Add value 5 to GP Digital Input Function to all microFUSION with firmware version 3.90.50 and greater.

  •   Add HiPER Threshold to all microFUSION with firmware version 3.90.50 and greater

12.02.04         Device Definition Database

  • Add support for Firmware Id 131

12.02.03         Device Definition Database

  • Remove extra Profinet parameters from older Fusion firmware version.

2.7.1               Control Panel

  • Added HiPER Threshold configuration for MicroFUSION IDs 58, 59, and 130

  • Added status of Firing Mode when in HiPER mode for MicroFUSION IDs 58, 59, and 130

2.6.0               Control Panel

  • Add I/O power supply failure inhibit alarm 

  • Added Partial Load Fault for microFUSION 

  • Fixed bug where a newly introduced parameter would appear with default value when loading an older configuration file without that parameter

2.5.6               Control Panel

  • Fix model string display error for new microFUSION frame size

  • Added Lug terminal option for MicroFUSION model number

  • Added HiPER Angle and Fast Zero Cross firing modes for all microFUSION

2.5.0               Control Panel

  • Added support for an AMP Size of 0 for microFUSION

11.4                Device Definition Database

  • Added HiPER firing mode for special microFUSION firmware

  • Added parameters and firmware ID for MicroFusion Extended Range PCB stand-alone with customer CT


2.4.5               Control Panel

  • Added Control Panel registration 

  • Updated MicroFUSION extended range images

  • Added Control Panel device usage reporting 

  • Added a password prompt when changing communications option for FUSION controllers 

  • Added Line and Load Power Factor parameters for the DC microFUSION controller 

  • Fixed bug where parameter values would display as negative for unsigned decimal parameters with a high negative value (negative value for 16 bit signed representation

11.0                Device Definition Database

  • Modified max limit for microFUSION full scale voltage, full scale power, voltage limit, and power limit 

  • Added load resistance sample & hold for standard microFUSION 


2.2.3               Control Panel

  • Clear the parameter write error message when the parameter value is changed and written successfully  


10.9                Device Definition Database

  • Add load resistance sample & hold for microFUSION ID 58


10.8                Device Definition Database

  • Change display order for status parameters so they appear visually at the end of the user interface

  • Change the power consumption parameters to two line parameters when configured to the remote display



2.2.1               Control Panel

  • Add password prompt when changing feedback to open loop
  • Add a “Settings” button in the navigation drawer that launches the “Settings” window 
  • Add a “USB Auto-connect” option in the “Settings” window. When Auto-connect is enabled (checked), devices will be automatically connected to when plugged in. When Auto-connect is disabled (unchecked), a blue “Connect USB” button will appear in the navigation drawer. When clicked, a dialog appears to select the devices to connect to.  
  • Fix the error that occurred when a data trace event happened after the Scope window was closed 
  • Remove the “Save Config File” prompt when updating the firmware of a device that is in the bootloader 
  • Auto-select a device when it is connected if the device is the only connected device in Control Panel  
  • Show a green check mark and “OK” text in the black bar in the dashboard when there are no active inhibit or warning alarms.  
  • Show statuses that do not have any active status bits in the device properties section of Control Panel. Statuses with no active status bits will show a green check mark with “OK” text.



10.7               Device Definition Database

  • Added Output On to the alarm rleay mask for microFUSION DC


2.1.1               Control Panel

  • Change FUSION fieldbus parameter customization to be included starting at FUSION firmware 5.0  

  • Fix Control Panel Database-only update process 


2.1.0               Control Panel

  • Add FUSION 3 phase power consumption parameters

  • Add DC microFUSION

  • Fix the Control Loop feedback bullet graph when the controller feedback is set to Power

  • Fix problem that caused the custom screen list to not populate with the current values in the Controller

  • Fix error that occurred when retrieving the FUSION trap history

  • Prompt the user to save a configuration file when updating the device firmware

  • Fix problem with the file name when saving Scope data for a device connected via Modbus TCP

  • Change the Run/Stop information icon the yellow warning icon

  • Remove the button for FUSION “Default Screen List”

  • Add microFUSION extended range

  • Load read only SP parameters when loading the configuration file

  • Add additional parameters to the FUSION Synchronous tap dashboard

  • Add new Synchronous tap parameter


2.0.3              Control Panel

  • New navigation menu that replaces the Tools and About menus

  • Improved parameter navigation that replaces the expandable/collapsible category navigation

  • New action bar to access device functionality such as resetting and firmware update. This replaces the buttons on the dashboard

  • Improved device dashboard user interface that supports a condensed and detailed view.

  • View the device dashboards for all connected devices at once in a combined dashboard

  • Write the parameter value to the device when hitting “Enter” even when the value has not changed

  • Fix issue that preventing saving a configuration file for a FUSION device with old firmware

  • Fix bug that occurs when upgrading a device’s feature with an upgrade key 

  • Fix bug that occurs when changing a device’s MAD ID that is connected to the Connect Module 


10.0               Device Definition Database

  • Change FUSION communications option to an editable field 

  • Rename the “Alarm Relays” category to “Alarms” and move the alarm thresholds and option parameters from the “Control” categories


1.2.0               Control Panel

  • Optimize device parameter views for 1024x768 screen resolution 

  • Fix issue for FUSION Synchronous tap where dashboard is empty

  • Change the data logger to prompt for a file when logging starts and save to the file periodically 

  • Connect to devices using Modbus TCP

  • Added “View Config File” button to main Control Panel screen when no devices are connected 

  • Filter firmware selection using the firmware ID when upgrading firmware


9.1                   Device Definition Database

  • Add KWh reset action to the “Control Monitor” category (MicroFUSION)

  • SCR firing pulse detection parameters and statuses (MicroFUSION) 

  • Display re-initialization parameters (MicroFUSION) 

  • Connect minimum firmware version (MicroFUSION) 

  • Main EE status 2 (MicroFUSION)


1.0.0               Control Panel

  • Improve parameter categorization and organization

  • Data Logger

  • Compare and update parameters between multiple devices 

  • View a configuration file without the device connected

  • Use a toggle switch for the Enabled/Disabled parameters

  • Quick setup wizard for MicroFUSION

  • Network supervisory setup wizard for CONNECT

  • Custom display setup for MicroFUSION

  • Refresh SP parameters every 2 seconds when they are visible

  • Set FUSION Fieldbus parameters exposed by Ethernet IP, Profinet, and DeviceNet interfaces

  • Added FUSION DeviceNet settings

  • Improved usability for FUSION digital system command parameter

  • Load devices with test firmware IDs using the default ID for the device type


9.0                   Device Definition Database

  • Improve parameter categorization and organization


8.2                   Device Definition Database

  • Synchronous Tap for FUSION


0.41.0               Control Panel

  • Scope

  • Explanation when Digital Run/Stop is set to RUN but the controller state is not at run

  • MicroFUSION upgrade features

  • Show dialog when Control Panel is already running

  • Adjustable current limit using analog input for MicroFUSION


0.40.0               Control Panel

  • Initial BETA release of CCI Control Panel


7.0                   Device Definition Database

  • Initial release of CCI Device Definition Database