Updated May 7th, 2020:

All Company Meeting Thursday May7th, 8:30 PM

Webex Meeting:

Call In #: +1 (408) 418-9388

Meeting #: 299 155 850

Password: 77645779



Company Update

Moving Update

Schedule Update


We'll try to keep this under 40 minutes, but may go longer depending on the Q & A session.


Updated April 21, 2020:

Thank you to everyone for working through this pandemic.  Strange times for all of us, but keep up the good distancing, mask wearing, and communication!

It's allergy season, doctors recommend if you take allergy medication that you should be on it as appropriate to help control those symptoms.  

We are on schedule to move around June 16th.  After the move, we will be able to go back to M-F more regular hours, YAY!

I've posted some new building videos here:  MFG, Office, 2nd Floor MFG, Exterior

Finally,  might like to catch our furry friends...Here 


Updated March 29, 2020:

Control Concepts has split manufacturing into Teams A & B and moved to a 7-day per week schedule to reduce the number of workers present in the facility at any one point in time.  Please find your team and schedule here.

Again,  please do not come to work if you have been exposed to someone testing positive with COVID-19 or if you or a family member exhibits any of the below symptoms:

Common Symptoms:

Fever (even a low-grade)



Shortness of breath

Loss of taste or smell

To view the CDC's symptom list, click here.

To view WebMD's symptom breakdown, click here.


Updated March 26, 2020:

The Governor of Minnesota Issued Emergency Executive Order 20-20 Stay-At-Home starting on Friday, March 27th thru Friday April 10th.  Control Concepts is exempt as we supply to both Critical Industries and Critical Manufacturing as listed under U.S. Department of Homeland Security Memo Dated March 19th. Please follow the guidelines that can be found here...


Other tips for staying safe:

1. Stay home  - Stay safe

2. Limit in-store visits through the use of online ordering with curbside pickup such as Walmart, Cub or Target.

3. Wear gloves when visiting gas stations and refilling your vehicle.

4. Restrict visits/outings to your household members only. - Do not let your children play with neighbor children.

5. Avoid home improvement centers such as Home Depot, Menards, Lowes as the current crowd levels are unsafe.  

6. Consider the risks of any interactions outside your immediate household such as grocieries, take-out, improvement stores, etc.  Every interaction increases the risk to you, family and fellow employees. 


If the virus strikes Control Concepts, it will be because someone/something brought it here.  Strictly following safety procedures while at work and at home is the best way to protect you, family, and fellow employees.


Updated March 23, 2020:

Please stay home if you have much as a sniffle.  We will cover your home quarantine with Emergency PTO for up to 14 days.  Depending on the situation, we may ask you to work from home or from our remote location while under quarantine.

- Please minimize your contact with others outside your household when not at work.  Everyone's health and livelihood depend on us all working together to help prevent the spread of the virus.

- Vending machines and coffee machine will be turned off on Tuesday, March 24th to help reduce the spread.

- 2 x Masks are being issued per manufacturing employee.  Please label with your name and #1, #2.  Wear #1 on odd numbered days, #2 mask on even numbered days.  Don, Doff, and store Ziplocs as instructed.

- We will begin working 4 x 10 hour days, Tuesday - Friday starting the week of March 29th.  This will help to reduce contact with others.  No employee will be allowed in the building without permission Saturday - Monday.

- Control Concepts is working to register as an Essential Business due to the cricitcal nature of the controllers we supplying for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Semiconductor industries which are deemed critical infrastructure and critical manufacturing by the Department of Homeland Security.  If Minnesota issues a shutdown order to non-essential businesses, we will split into two teams, A & B, alternating work weeks at 50% capacity to support the critical industries.  

- As always,  this plan is subject to change in a very fluid environment.


Update March 15, 2020:

- Manufacturing areas have been spaced to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19

- All employees which have desks are to eat lunch at their desks.

- Assemblers / PCB techs to eat at their workstations.

- Technicians to eat at designated lunch tables

- Wash hands with soap and water before starting work at your desk or workstation.

- Only designated people are to use the label printer (See Tom / Pinda)

- Kathie is revising the sick leave policy to accomodate the current state.  We will have more on this Monday, the 16th.

- No visitors or business travel

- If you travel by air or to an outbreak location, please call Kathie or Cory before returning to work. 

- Office workers will start to transition to working from home this week.

- Pinda is working with manufacturing team to determine schedules of operartion.  CCI may split into two shifts / or switch hours/day based upon family needs.


Click here for the full CCI response packet.


For an all company conference call, time will be sent via text and email

Join the meeting:

Conf Call #:     +1 (720) 650-5050

Conference ID: 673-740-032 #



Tips for Prevention:

Wash your hands frequently.

Avoid touching your face.

Practice social distancing: stay at least 6 feet away from people (preferably more).

Cover your cough with a kleenex or sleeve, not your hand.

Stay home if you develop any symptoms, even a low grade fever.

Clean and disinfect any surfaces daily (including your workstation).

To view the CDC's full prevention tips, click here.


Common Symptoms:

Fever (even a low-grade)



Shortness of breath

To view the CDC's symptom list, click here.

To view WebMD's symptom breakdown, click here.



What to do if you think you have COVID-19:

Stay home: do NOT go to work.

Call your doctor or nice healthcare (763-412-1993) and monitor symptoms.

Alert Kathie ( or Cory (, (612) 834-1225) ASAP for decontamination purposes.

To view the CDC's full infection guidlines, click here.