New Year, New Product Updates

The FUSION Control Panel is provided free with all our micorprocessor-based controllers. This software allows you to conveniently monitor and adjust your controller settings. In 2014, we are releasing our controllers with Control Panel 3.5, which is required to run Version 5.0 firmware.

Firmware 5.0 adds new features and made the control panel even more customizable.

These include:

Customizable Display text
Keep the most relevant information at your fingertips - choose, order, and customize the information shown on your controller display.
Zero Cross Transformer (ZCT) Mode
A hybrid firing mode designed to decrease harmonics and improve power factor.
User Lock
Secure controller parameters with a 4-digit password.
Three Phase Load Imbalance
Set alarm based on user-adjustible percentage of load imbalance between three phases.
Create named IP Adresses
Give customized aliases to each address for simple identification

We have released a new video tutorial detailing how to use some of these new functions. Watch it on Youtube here: