Single phase
Firing mode: 
Phase angle

The 1035 is available as a Custom OEM model only. Contact the factory for more information.

The model 1035 is a single phase, phase-angle SCR firing circuit. It controls the "ON TIME" within each electrical half cycle of two SCR's such that, depending upon the specific model number either the RMS or the AVERAGE voltage applied to an electrical load is maintained constant with respect to a control or command signal.


The solid state circuit uses a digital phase-locked timing technique and provides electrical isolation between the command signal and the line and load potential. The circuit also has soft-start and missing cycle detection.


These features provide the means by which on start-up and momentary power interruptions the "ON-TIME" of the SCR's is set to zero and then increased at a preset rate until the load voltage is at the correct value.


The circuit also has a "RUN" feature which provides a means by which the controller can be conveniently turned ON or OFF by the application of a low voltage signal. If purchased with the "R" option, the controller will apply a 120Vac output capable of a 1 amp load when the circuit is in RUN. The feature is useful in applications requiring the operation of contacters, relays etc. when in the RUN mode.


The various options and operating characteristics of the 1035 are specified in the model number.