Firing mode: 
Phase angle

The 1039 is available as a Custom OEM model only. Contact the factory for more information.

The model 1039 is a phase-angle SCR power controller for use in a single phase application. The power applied to the load is linear with respect to the command signal.


Available command signals include 0 to 5Vdc, 0 to 10Vdc, 4 to 20mA or potentiometer.


The model 1039 is available with current ratings from 10 to 180 amps and voltage ratings from 120 to 575Vac. The controller will operate without adjustment or modification on 50 or 60 hertz.


The model 1039 circuit uses a digital phase locked tim- ing technique to accurately determine the turn on time of the SCRs.


  • Linear control of RMS Voltage, RMS Current or Average Voltage with respect to a command signal independent of line voltage variations
  • Diagnostic/Status LEDs 
  • Voltage and current metering Outputs 
  • Soft start and missing cycle detection 
  • Optical Coupled Gatedrives 
  • Built-in Line Fuses 
  • Optional Plug-in board adds: 

√ Current Limiting 
√ Shorted SCR Detection 
√ Over Current Trip 
√ Idle Command