Single phase
Firing mode: 
Phase angle

The 1832A is available as a Custom OEM model only. Contact the factory for more information.

The model 1832A is a DC output controller based on the Control Concepts model 1032A controller with it’s output routed through a full wave bridge. It is a single-phase, phase-angle, SCR power controller with features of field adjustable current limiting, softstart and missing cycle detection.


The model 1832A is available for 120 or 240 Vac 50/60 hertz, at current ratings of 10, 20 or 30 Amps. The controller can be ordered to accept command signals of 0-10Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 4-20mA, or a potentiometer signal.


The model 1832A linearly controls, with respect to the command signal, the RMS value of the voltage applied to the load. The 1832A has line voltage compensation, which, for a constant command signal, maintains the load voltage constant, independent of line or supply voltage variations.


The soft-start and missing cycle detection feature sets the load voltage to zero on power interruptions of one half cycle or more, and then increases the load voltage to the desired value at a predetermined rate. This feature, on start up or after power failures, prevents saturation of load transformers. The feature also eliminates in-rush currents that can occur, due to loads with a low cold resistance.


Current limiting allows the user to adjust the maximum current the controller will apply to the load. This feature is desired when controlling loads in which the resistance changes with temperature and/or time. Electrical isolation of the circuit card and the heat sink is achieved by the use of a module that electrically isolates the SCRs from its mounting plate, and which uses photo couplers to isolate the SCR gate signals.