The 3629B has been superseded by the 3629C, and is only manufactured as a special order. Contact the factory about availability.

The model 3629B is a three phase, six SCR, phase-angle power controller. The controller linearly controls, with respect to a command signal, either the RMS value of the load voltage or the average value of the load voltage.


When configured to accept an external feedback signal, the 3629B linearly controls other param- eters such as load current or load power. The controller can be configured to accept most standard industrial command signals, as well as non-standard commands.



  • 6 SCR Phase-Angle Control
  • Linear control of RMS Voltage, RMS Current or Load power with respect to a command signal independent of line voltage variations
  • Adjustable Current Limit Over Current Trip Shorted SCR Detection Soft Start with Missing Cycle Detection In-Line or Inside-Delta Control
  • Digital Timing & 50/60 Hz Operation Multiple Tap Operating Voltages Plug-In & Interchangeable Circuit Card 7 Diagnostic/Status LEDs
  • Optical Coupled Gatedrives
  • Over Temp Protection (T-Stat on Heat Sink)
  • High Surge Current Rating