The Modbus RTU (RS-485) fieldbus interface is established and widely-used in industrial control networks. Our digital controllers, FUSION and Compact FUSION, support Modbus RTU.


Modbus RTU + FUSION 

The FUSION Control Panel software is provided free with all of our digital controllers. This program works well with Modbus RTU interfaces, allowing you to easily enter parameters and troubleshoot the controller using a straightforward visual interface.


Links & Resources

  • You can find more information about Modbus RTU and its benefits at the Modbus website.
  • Learn about our Digital SCR Controllers here
  • Our Modbus User Manual is available to the right. (You must be logged in to view or download)


How To Order

When ordering a FUSION digital controller, your model number will indicate your digital fieldbus option. (Additional to USB, which is standard on all controllers) A Modbus RTU controller will have the initial S," as in the following example. 


EXAMPLE: FUSION - _ _ - _ - _ _ _ _ - S - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ 


0 - None

D - DeviceNet

E - Modbus TCP (Ethernet)

S - Modbus RTU (RS-485)

N - ProfiNet

I - EtherNet/IP 

Product Type: 
Interface Type: 
Modbus RTU