Touchsafe Fusekits

Electrical codes are calling for touchsafe panels more and more frequently. To help our customers meet these demands, we maintain one of the largest inventories of Class T fusing for SCR power controllers. 

Our Touchsafe Fusing Products:

Class T Fuses 10 - 1200 Amp
Fusekit Covers  10 - 600 Amp
Touchsafe-Capable Single Pole Fuseblocks  10 - 600 Amp
Touchsafe-Capable Three Pole Fuseblocks 10 - 600 Amp
Touchsafe Single Pole Fusekits 10 - 600 Amp
Touchsafe Two Pole Fusekits 10 - 600 Amp
Touchsafe Three Pole Fusekits 10 - 600 Amp

Touchsafe fusekits

Don't fuse twice!


Another efficient touchsafe fusing option is Compact FUSION. This microprocessor-based SCR controller utilizes integrated, branch-rated Class T fusing. It's fast enough to protect your SCR from dead shorts, reduces nuisance fuse-blowing, and meets UL 508A branch fusing requirements. Integrated fusing gives you fewer pieces to manage and lowers installation costs and footprint.