Keeping up to date with SCCR

Customer support is one of our core values, so we take every opportunity to stay informed about industry developments that will affect our customers. This week, Engineering Manager Paul Dalluge and Sales Application Engineer Jeff Latzke attended a seminar on Equipment Short Circuit Current Ratings & UL508A. Training was presented by Eaton Hydraulics and covered the following topics:

  • SCCR Code and Application: applicable codes, the importance of equipment SCCR, how the SCCR standard is applied to industrial control panels, and a review of SCCR misconceptions
  • Methods to Achieving Required SCCR: hands-on training of available tools and methods to apply UL 508A and the NEC standards regarding SCCR, including fault current application, locating and applying component SCCR's, and calculating the panel assembly SCCR
  • Concepts for SCCR Planning: establishign an SCCR plan for equipment, data gathering, system analysis, addressing challenges, contingency planning, and sustainability measures
  • SCCR in Practice: hands-on experience ressolving real-world SCCR problems, including remediating inadequate SCCR and applying tools and methods to solve SCCR challenges

SCCR training certificate

Pictured: Engineering manager Paul Dalluge receiving a certificate of course completion.

We are happy to address customer questions regarding SCCR. Check out our other SCCR resources here.