Improve Power Factor with Zero Cross Transformer Mode

Utilizing Phase Angle control has disadvantages - increased harmonics and decreased power factor. However, it is still the usual choice for system designers with isolation transformers in order to prevent transformer saturation. 

Control Concepts has recently introduced a new solution: Zero Cross Transformer (ZCT) Mode. Our goal was to develop a cost-effective way to eliminate harmonics/power factor issues without compromising performance, quality, or reliability. ZCT Mode is already in use on the field and has produced excellent results. 

ZCT mode

Watch our feature overview video featuring CCI President Cory Watkins here.

Are you a good candidates for ZCT Mode?

1. Do you want improved power factor?

2. Do you use transformer-coupled loads?

3. Do you have high thermal inertia OR require less stringent process control?


Improving Power Factor Through Innovation: An Alternative Solution for SCR-Controlled Transformer-Coupled Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

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